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[greenyes] Reclaiming plastic pesticide containers
Hello GreenYessers,

A major U.S. manufacturer of pesticides and fungicides is considering
implementing a consumer take-back campaign for their plastic bottles
(dark-colored HDPE).  They are open to re-use (refilling) or recycling--as
long as it pays, but do not want to do the recycling or washing in-house.

Does anyone know of cases where bottles containing similar chemical products
were (or are being) recycled and/or re-used?  Who were the manufacturers and
reclaimers involved?  What are the major technological obstacles to this
type of reuse or recycling?  What are the legal and/or product safety

What happens to the plastic bottles containing motor oil after the oil has
been poured out at household hazardous waste collection days?

Any comments on this would be appreciated, and will be forwarded to the
interested party.  Thank you.


Jennifer Gitlitz
Research Director, Container Recycling Institute

Home Office:
2 Pomeroy Ave.
Dalton, MA 01226
Tel. (413) 684-4746
eFax: (928) 833-0460
Email: jgitlitz@no.address

Container Recycling Institute headquarters:
1911 N. Ft. Myer Dr. #702
Arlington, VA 22209-1603
Tel. (703) 276-9800
Fax: (703) 276-9587

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