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[greenyes] Interesting job opening

Course Director/Tutor - Japan
Creative Mindworks, Inc. (CMW)

Creative Mindworks, Inc. (CMW) specializes in distance learning. CMW is
developing a no-nonsense management program tentatively named Restorative
Business Management Program (RBMP)through its non-profit subsidiary
Management School of Restorative Business.

RBMP is a non-profit program designed for the concerned individuals who
recognize that we are on a collision path with the planet and wish to help
steer away from the devastation course via restorative and ecologically
sustainable businesses.

We are organizing our faculty and have vacancies in the areas of strategic
sustainability, industrial ecology, ethical business, eco-economics,
information technology and business communication, renewable energy,
eco-design, recycling and waste management, eco-marketing, community
planning, and zero-waste production.

The tuition is conducted via email; the tutors are paid hourly (US$40.0 per
hour). RBMP will commence Summer 2004.

Creative individuals that feel passionately about defending the planet and
that have teaching (or working) experience in the required disciplines.

Contact Information: Harry Saloor
Email: harrysaloor@no.address
Apply by: September 28, 2003

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