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[greenyes] CRRA keynote speakers
On the Road to Zero Waste, Choose to Recycle More and More

The 27th annual California Resource Recovery Association State Conference is 
set for the Ontario Convention Center July 20-23, 2003. 

Sundays' early arrival will be treated to morning workshops presented by the 
CRRA Technical Councils.  These workshops will include: College and University 
Recycling Programs; Zero Waste Strategies; Construction and Demolition Basics 
and Program Updates; How to Recycle at Special Venues; Top 10 Reasons to be a 
Recycling Coordinator; Food Scrap Collection Programs; Universal Waste, load 
check, permitting and the DOT HM 181 Manifest Training; Meetings of the 
Repair, Resale, and Reuse and Independent Recycling Councils; and Robin Boone's 
Introduction to Recycling.

Opening Speakers for Monday, in a session entitled "Searching for Zero 
Waste", include Dr. Paul Connett (St. Lawrence University), Dr. Dan Knapp (Urban 
Ore), Anne Leonard (GAIA), and Randy Hayes representing of the City of San 
Francisco Environmental Commission. A representative from the City of Los Angeles 
will discuss the city's 70% diversion goal.  

Monday continues with an hour of legislative issues and reports from the 
technical councils, and commentary from activist leaders Mark Murray (CAW), David 
Wood (GRRN) and John Davis (CRRA).  After an exhibit hall break, there will be 
two hours of discussion groups covering twelve different types of waste 
reduction and recycling programs.  Monday concludes with the Exhibit Hall 

Tuesday morning opens with Penny Newman, Director of the Center for Community 
Action and Environmental Justice, describing her nationally known struggle to 
expose and remediate the Stringfellow Acid Pits superfund site.  
Environmental Psychologist Dr. Doug Mackenzie-Mohr follows by sharing his thoughts about 
effective community-based social marketing.  

Breakout discussion groups throughout the day will focus on market 
categories, and issues of collecting, processing, and remanufacturing diverted 
materials.  Monday's final plenary focuses on producer responsibility and is lead by 
Bill Shireman of Global Futures.  Key industry leaders will discuss their 
programs embracing Producer Responsibility.  

Tuesday evening features the 2003 CRRA Awards, and the premier of the new off 
Broadway production of Wasteside Story, an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet 
addressing the struggles between the source reducers and the recyclers.

Wednesday morning features a panel of leaders discussing the Future of 
Recycling in California.  Panelists include CIWMB Board Member Mike Paparian, 
Department of Conservation Director Darryl Young, Californians Against Waste 
Director Mark Murray, CRRA President John Davis, and Steve Ragiel Vice President of 
Waste Management Recycling America. National Recycling Coalition Executive 
Director Kate Krebs will moderate, and assure plenty of audience participation.  

The panel is followed with tours to key recycling industries in the Ontario 
and Inland Southern California region.  Eight workshops will also be conducted 
at the Convention Center.  These include: Legislative Policy with Mark Murray, 
Public Education by Doug McKenzie-Mohr, C and D Regulation with Rick Sikuda, 
PTA Go Green Initiative with Jill Buck, Introduction to Recycling with Robin 
Boone, Sustainable Business with John Douglas Moore, Health Care Industries led 
by Healthcare Without Harm, and a Household Hazardous Waste Refresher Class.

For more information on the conference check for regular updates on the CRRA 
website at, or call (916) 441-CRRA.

Check out the CRRA Conference Website
CRRA State Conference Ontario CA July 20 -23
<A HREF="";>Click Here for the Website</A>

San Diego CA 92109
858 272 2905 (P)

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