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[greenyes] Possible grant opportunities?
Apologies for cross posting.

I just received notice of these and they looked like they may be of interest
so folks on these lists. Seems like green building products might be a good
fit with  #1.  I haven¹t looked at the links to look at the RfP¹s.  All I
know is what is printed below.


1)  Healthy Homes
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requests proposals
for the development of a national healthy homes training center and
network. This project is designed to address the training and education
needs of environmental public health managers and practitioners and
housing specialists and inspectors whose work-related activities result in
healthy and safe housing environments.  Approx. $300K expected to be
available, 1 award anticipated, match not required.  Applications due
7/28/03.  For more info, contact Technical Information Management at
(770) 488-2700 or go to:
(Federal Register 6/11/03)

2)  Environmental Justice
The Environmental Protection Agency requests applications for the
new Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Grant
Program.  This RFP is targeted at community-based organizations
working on or planning to work on projects to address local environmental
and/or public health concerns in their communities.  EPA anticipates
15 awards of $100K each.  Responses due 9/30/03.  For more info,
call 1-800-962-6215 or go to:

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