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[greenyes] Soccer Moms unite for sane autos
"On March 13th 2002 mothers all over the country were aghast 
to learn that the Senate had killed the Kerry-McCain bill and 
had done so in the name of 'soccer moms.' We mothers realized 
that something had gone drastically wrong, and that it was being 
done in our name! At first we felt isolated. No one was speaking 
out, few seemed to understand, but those who did were 
outraged. We sought answers and found each other."

The result is a new campaign by "soccer moms" - Don't Be 
Fueled.  And guess what?  They're on the web at !

 Co-Founder of the group is Betsy Rosenberg, environmental 
radio host, and mother of an eight-year-old daughter.  Betsy is 
known to many on this list as the host of the radio program, 
Trash Talk.  She has done numerous interviews on Zero Waste 
and other progressive recycling issues.

 Goals of don't be fueled are to motivate mothers and others to 
accomplish the following:

(1) Deliver a petition signed by 500,000 people to the three big 
automakers and to the federal administration, creating dramatic 
publicity and media coverage by June of 2004. 

(2) Send 250,000 letters to Detroit and make our voices heard 
in DC in support of high fuel-efficiency and high safety standards 
for light trucks, minivans and SUVs that are at least as high as 
they are for cars. 

(3) Put 100,000 flyers out onto vehicles, particularly larger, 
"family" vehicles (ie: SUVs)

(4) Educate 10,000 people "in person" through home parties, 
speakers events, and classroom presentations.

 (5) Reach millions of people through radio, TV and print 
coverage of our campaign and our events.

 Ultimately our success will be that the laws have changed, the 
choices we have are real and driving a gas-guzzler will be as 
uncool as drinking and driving.

 Oh,  and they also need green fuel to keep the campaign 
building.  Go to 

/Bill Sheehan

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