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Re: [greenyes] Glass and building
Hi All,

I'm pretty sure that recycled glass is used in floor and wall tile making as well. Haven't done the search for it but I'm sure it exists.

Kim Springer

>>> <KirbGood@no.address> 05/30/03 12:40PM >>>
Granulated glass works fine in a polyester resin base.
Or epoxy.
There used to be a guy in Seattle who made "Corian" type countertops using 
glass instead of marble chips.  Said the glass wore out his grinding tools.

See and download the following two 
 Crushed Recycled Glass as Industrial Mineral Fillers     
Epoxy Applications for Recycled Glass

 On making bricks using glass, go to and download
Glass Clay Body Flux (1999)

There have been many studies using everything from fly ash to sludge to shale 
(which is quite common) to glass to make bricks.  If you have a decent 
university engineering library available, email me back & I'll forward some 

It's all very interesting academically, but brick plants are not something 
one starts up in the back yard, so moving from the lab to the real world is a 
huge challenge.

Bob Kirby


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