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[greenyes] Washington mercury bill becomes law
		In the state of Washington, HB 1002 on mercury in products
was signed into law by its Governor, who vetoed only the section that says
that it is safe to eat the fish in the region. Known as Chapter 260, Laws of
2003, it will be effective July 27, 2003 and does the following:

			*	Requires the labeling of fluorescent lamps
by January 1, 2004.
			*	Requires the Department of Health to develop
a educational plan on mercury for schools, local governments, businesses and
the public on the proper disposal method for mercury and mercury-containing
			*	Prohibits schools from purchasing mercury
compounds and requires them to remove mercury by January 2006.
			*	Requires state government to purchase low
and non-mercury-added products where feasible.
			*	Requires the Department of Ecology to
petition the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to create a permanent
national repository for mercury.
			*	Bans the sale of mercury thermometers and
blood pressure devices by January 2006, with some exceptions.
			*	Bans the sale of mercury-containing novelty
items by January 2006.
			*	Bans the sale automobiles with mercury auto
switches by January 2006.
			*	Bans the installation or reinstallation of
mercury thermostats by January 2006 unless the manufacturer of the
thermostat participates in a thermostat recycling program.
			*	Authorizes the Department of Ecology to
participate in a regional or multi-state clearinghouse to help implement the
requirements of this law. 
			*	Exempts crematoria from any requirements of
this law.

		Across the US, more than 80 bills have been introduced into
state legislatures and Congress on mercury in products. A list of these
bills and their status is available via email from my office. 

		John Reindl, Recycling Manager
		Dane County, WI 

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