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[greenyes] Action: Disney, Send Disposable DVD Idea to the Dump
Last week there were a few messages on the GreenYes list about Disney
bringing out a new line of disposable DVDs to replace rental DVDs. The
disposable DVDs are ruined by exposure to air shortly after being opened,
thus eliminating the need to return them to the rental store.

At the ActForChange website you can now write Disney a letter asking them to
call off this terrible plan. Please visit

Or, if you want to mail a letter directly to Disney the address is
The Walt Disney Company
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
800 Winneconne Ave, 3rd Floor
Attn: Consumer Relations
Neenah, WI 54956

And here's their recommended letter text (which can be altered if you send
an email from the website):

Dear Disney,

I was shocked to read about Buena Vista's plan to begin marketing
disposable, self-destructing rental DVDs this coming August.  This
illogical, wasteful, environmentally-harmful plan should be halted

In 2002, 891.4 million DVDs were rented.  If just 10% of those had been
disposable, that would have added more than 89 million DVDs to our
landfills, in addition to wasting valuable energy resources to create
millions more DVDs than are currently manufactured.

We already have enough disposable discs entering our waste stream, thanks to
AOL's ubiquitous discs, and services already exist to allow easier return of
rental DVDs, like Netflix's U.S. Mail return system.  Video-on-demand, which
your chairman Michael Eisner recently announced your company will also be
testing later on this year, is another alternative that would not generate
the waste that this ill-conceived plan would generate.

I have heard that Disney is arguing that the discs will be recyclable.
Decades of consumer experience with recycling demonstrates that unless
something can be put into a recycling bin at the consumer's home or
apartment, calling it recyclable does not mean it will actually be recycled.
Promising to make it easier down the road is avoiding your responsibilities

Please do not move forward with this wasteful plan, and please let me know
how you intend to proceed on this issue.


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