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[greenyes] Rural $ avail
I wasn¹t paying close attention but remember some recent discussion on rural
recycling.  Not sure if this counts but it looked like an interesting
funding opportunity for rural recycling market development:

7)  Rural Entrepreneurial Outreach
The U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks proposals to develop
outreach and programs that will develop future entrepreneurs and
businesses in small rural communities.  The initiative seeks to create
a working partnership between the 1890 Institutions and USDA's
Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS).  Programs must provide
sustainable development and be in keeping with community needs
and designed to help overcome current economic problems.
Proposals in both traditional and nontraditional business enterprises
encouraged.  $1.5 million available, 25% cost share required.
Responses due 7/11/03.  For more info, contact Edgar Lewis
at (202) 690-3407 or go to:
(Federal Register 5/12/03)

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