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[greenyes] Home Improvement Tools from EPA's ENERGY STAR
Did you know that the energy used in a typical home causes more
greenhouse gas emissions than a typical car? Fortunately, homeowners can
reduce pollution and save money on energy bills by making smart
decisions when remodeling and repairing their home.

ENERGY STAR has developed interactive Home Improvement Tools
at to provide
practical advice for home improvement and remodeling decisions.
Homeowners can use this suite of tools to benchmark their energy use at
home, receive customized recommendations for home improvement projects,
learn how to include ENERGY STAR qualified products when remodeling, and
solve energy-wasting household problems such as drafty rooms, cold
floors, and ineffective air conditioning.

If you haven't visited the Home Improvement Tools lately, it may be time
for a second look. The site has a new look and feel, new ENERGY STAR
graphics, and EPA has redesigned it to improve navigation.

Thanks for being part of our effort to change the world through ENERGY

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