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Re: [greenyes] SUVs and the U.N.

Might not the NEED for high clearance, 4wd vehicles be real there in Iraq, depending on their inspection routes?   This is much different from suburban commuter freeway use of the same vehicles.

>>> <RJayW2@no.address> 03/18/03 04:35PM >>>
AP had an interesting photo that was published this morning in our Omaha 
World-Herald and perhaps in your newspaper of the U.N. inspectors leaving 
Iraq.  The photo showed a long line of SUVs.  I thought it was extremely 
interesting given Kyoto and helped to reaffirm a sneaking suspicion of mine 
that governments, be them local or global, are much more interested in us 
doing what they say, not doing what they do.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc./Refuse News


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