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Re: [greenyes] Zealots
i would suggest better educational signage...i.e. we accept this, but 
NOT this in this bin, etc. 

the plastics issue haunts us all b/c many folks think if it's got the should be recycled!  while that is an industry problem, the 
education is our problem.  

i encourage you to keep a positive attitude towards your community 
zealots, as more often than not, people like him were responsible for 
getting recycling programs where they are today. 

inviting him to your sorting line was a good suggestion...maybe using this incident as a talking point for an article in your local paper.  one better, maybe you could ask your zealot to write the article about why some things are taken and some are not in your community. 


good luck!




 Wayne Turner <WAYNET@no.address> wrote:Zealots II or Producer's Revenge

We could call him 'frugal' because he has just dramatically reduced his garbage bill by unloading all that junk on our recycling centers.

We could call him 'ahead of his time' because hopefully everything will be recycled in the future.

We could call him 'literal' since he takes zero waste to mean exactly that.

Or, we could simply call him 'confused' because producers have done an incredible job of greenwashing by plastering the chasing arrows symbols on everything from plastic bottles to bedsprings without one whit of consideration for what local markets and recycling programs are like.


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