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RE: [greenyes] cell phone recycling?
You can try some of the inkjet cartridge recycling programs, many of
them are expanding to cell phones.  I use Cartridges for Kids

David Hirschler		Regional Recycling Coordinator
Towns of Dedham, Randolph and Avon
26 Bryant St. Room 208		Dedham, MA 02026
(617) 817-0477		dhirschler@no.address 

Dedham Website: 
Randolph Website: 
Avon Website: 

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From: Maui Recycling Service [mailto:info@no.address]
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 2:45 PM
To: greenyes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] cell phone recycling?

Does anyone know of any cell phone recycling programs anywhere in the
U.S.?  If so, can you provide contact info and/or links?

Shaun Stenshol
Maui Recycling Service

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