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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: [empowering_democracy] Corporate Personhood Is Doomed
On 19 Feb 2003 at 8:38, Gary Liss wrote:
> >Unfortunately, I believe later Supreme Court cases codified the
> >fiction from the original headnote. So it is a harder fight  - we
> >basically need a sympathetic Supreme Court... in our lifetimes?

one tactic that comes to mind - make this an election issue?

> >An immediate, probably smaller, test of this issue will come in Nike
> >v. Kasky, which will determine the scope of Nike's so called first
> >amendment rights. While some may argue that Nike has NO first
> >amendment right since its not a person, the inside argument is likely
> >to be about whether or not those socalled rights  include the right
> >to lie to the public saying that it does not make sneakers in
> >sweatshops....

although we have a flawed bit of legislation, we do have something called the 
Freedom of Information Act, and they would have to prove a breach of "commercial 
confidentiality" if they wished to refuse - another way is to become a shareholder, 
then they have to answer you, yes? and then, if this is exposed....


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