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Re: [GreenYes] Nova Scotia Video Transcript

Hi Chris,

I'm from Nova Scotia and used to work for a consulting firm who did solid waste communications there (Lura Consulting). I've been in California for a couple of years, so I'm not familiar with that video or with Paul Connet. But anyway, it might be worth contacting the provincial government there. I believe both Bob Kenney and Barry Friesen still work for the solid waste division of the Dept of Environment. Bob and Barry might be on this list too - I'm not sure. If memory serves me, the number is 902-424-5300. I know that the province has had many international visitors over the past few years, including a Russian delegation. I don't know if Paul's video was funded by the province, but even if it wasn't, they may have translated it into a few languages. Worth a shot anyway. Good luck.

Sue Beazley

>From: "Chris Sparnicht"
>To: "GreenYes"
>Subject: [GreenYes] Nova Scotia Video Transcript
>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:41:01 -0500
>A group called Umanotera ( in
>Slovenia that would like to translate Paul Connett's video:
>'Nova Scotia: Community Responsibility in Action,'
>but they face some challenges with the technical wording.
>Rather than re-invent the wheel, I thought I might ask
>if somebody in our fine group may have already done this.
>Feel free to reply to me off list, if so.
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