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RE: [GreenYes] Zero Waste Conference Guidelines - help with updating
I presume anyone that is putting on any kind of Zero waste, "green", or eco
conference knows to use 100% recycled content promo items and merchandise to
meet an of their needs for their events.  However, since I didn't see
anything in your email about that, I figured I'd remind everyone of doing
just that.  Then, a frequently worn or used shirt, tote, or cap branding the
event, continues the process of educating others about the event AND
recycled apparel.

My two cents, for what it is or isn't worth, as I know a lot of folks STILL
don't know about recycled content clothing.

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From: Ann Schneider [mailto:schneiderann@no.address]
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To: greenyes@no.address
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Subject: [GreenYes] Zero Waste Conference Guidelines - help with

Hi GRRNers:

Below is a copy of the California Resource Recovery Association's
(CRRA)Green & Zero Waste Conference Guidelines.  I am modifying it for
the Sierra Club and was wondering if any of you have other items I should
add to the planning.  My version will include the debate of meat vs.
vegetarian vs vegan options as well as organic as those are critical
issues for my chapter of the Sierra Club.

I understand NRC has a Green conference guide so I am off to the website
to see if I can find it.  If it isn't posted and an NRC staffer is on
GRRN, could you please send it to me?  Thanks,

Ann Schneider
CRRA & ExCom member of Loma Prieta Chapter of Sierra Club


Ensuring that the Annual CRRA conference is "green" with an emphasis
toward activities and planning that promote Zero waste, is important to
the goals of the organization.  Many tools have been developed to both
plan and coordinate a "green" event.  Included are documents from both
the NRC and EPA that can help provide direction.

CRRA has developed some standardized programs that can be adjusted to
meet the needs of the conference planning committee and the locations
where events will be held.  It is important to discuss these needs with
participating hotels and conference centers well in advance.  In many
instances it will take planning and coordination with the locations to
get approval for certain activities as well as to promote and ensure

Types of Green & Zero Waste Activities
· Washable versus disposable dishware, cups and utensils at all events
and meals
· Washable napkins versus paper napkins and towels at all events, meals
and in restrooms
· Condiments and beverages not served in single serving containers
· Recycling of paper, bottles and cans and food/organic waste where
· Coordinate with hotels that will allow residents to participate in
recycling activities such as no daily paper at door, reduced linen
washing, in room recycling activities, etc.

Coordinating Green & Zero Waste Activities (represents time prior to
1. Contact local Conservation Corps to secure volunteers. (3 months)
2. Prepare signage for recycling containers (3 months)
3. Coordinate borrowing recycling containers to be placed at conference
center and special events. (2-3 months)
4. If possible coordinate on site food digester. (2-3 months)
5. Work with local recyclers to provide 3-yard bins for centralized
placement and collection of recyclables and food waste if available (2-3
6. Work with session planners to try and coordinate disk handouts versus
paper handouts. (2 months)
7. Prepare recycling information for registrants to be placed in
conference program and in conspicuous locations throughout conference
center. (4-6 weeks)
8. Develop a volunteer schedule outlining times of events and types of
activities needed (i.e.: Emptying of small recycling bins throughout the
conference center/hotel to centralized collection bins, coordination of
recycling at special events, placement of recycling containers.) (2
9. Coordinate pick-up and return of all borrowed equipment (2 weeks)
10. Have an on-site coordinating meeting with all volunteers to go over
location and placement of equipment and duties (1 day)

Suggestions on Green Conference & Zero Waste Guidelines
1.  Discuss food waste diversion under types of activities (including
source reduction and food banks in addition to recycling/composting)
2.  Organize coordination section by time in advance of event
3.  Specify whose responsibility each coordination task should be.

In an ideal world, we would be able to include these requirements in the
bidding for our events.  If two hotels/convention centers/cities want our
event, comparing the potential for a green/zero waste event should be a
significant factor in the decision making process.

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