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Re: [GreenYes] Fwd: Enviros ask Feds to stop shipping toxic waste to developing countries.
On 10 Feb 2003 at 17:54, Helen Spiegelman wrote:

> >>Immediate Release :  Feb.10, 2002
> >>
> >>
> >>Environmentalists say Canada should not ship toxic wastes to
> >>developing countries  even for recycling.
> >>

cannot agree more - we have a horrible legacy in South Africa, the most famous of 
which is probably Thor Chemicals, that imported mercury waste for "recycling" - 
people and animals downstream of the plant died, as well as many workers - and we 
still have something like 4000 drums sitting there, with no safe solution, and no funds 
to clean up the site....

waste MUST be treated at source - then maybe we can bgin to have an equitable 
world - for example, we also have evidence that, via Italy, radioactive waste is being 
dumped in Africa (countries like Somalia, Eritrea, Mozambique) and workers, without 
any protective gear, are dying regularly, with their families silence being bought by 

the picture would change radically if we insisted that all waste be treated at source, 
and not transported anywhere else..... 



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