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RE: [GreenYes] Fwd: "Green" office paper at Staples
You make some good points.  In my ramble I forgot to mention that I do
intend to go buy a ream of this paper to do my part in sending them the
message.  I have bought it before, it's a great paper.

If Staples or Office Max or whoever would offer what i'm looking for, I'd
get it there.  Unfortunately, when they sell products which are 20% recycled
and I can get 100% recycled elsewhere, the obvious to me is not to go to
Staples.  I don't think Staples deserves my business just because everyone
else seems to shop there.  The general economic ideal doesn't support
recycling or recycled products.  The local (store specific) ideal does, and
even if it wasn't local for me as well, I'd have them ship to me.

When possible I try to spend my dollars on environmentally sound and
socially sound products.  And I like to support companies that have a true
commitment to the same.

Stephen N. Weisser

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While I agree with the statement that I want to spend my money at an
establishment that embodies my ideals ... I think it's more realistic to
support general economic ideal, rather than local (store specific) ideals.

Therefore ... while I abhor multinational politics, I support Nike in their
quest to coalesce with organic cotton growers.  While I abhor Mitt Romney, I
think that Staples' attempt at selling tree-free paper is worth supporting.
No one issue is  black and white, and neither is the world.

This is a fairly practically-minded listserve, so I hope you forgive my
ramblings on a slightly ephemeral note.  Is this too deep for a Tuesday

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