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[GreenYes] Re: New technologies from Australia.
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From: Cherie Barclay [] 


This is Cherrie Barclay - calling from Australia!
We on the other hand are a small company here in 
Australia - down south in Bendigo..

One complex machine with surprising inner mecahnisms  perfected lately
is being incorporated into some new equipment here, which will recycle wax 
cardboard produce boxes. These type of boxes are a growing landfill problem 
over there in the USA.( due to the wax they break down extremely slowly ). 
But this machine can recycle them.

It has overcome all of the problems encountered by similar machinery in the 
USA ( and this type of machine is very rare - only two operators in the 
whole of Australia! Ours is the most modern, and has a host of new design 
features. The waste boxes are diverted from landfill, then rapidly 
transformed into perfect wax logs, which burn for long periods in open 
fireplaces and stoves. And unlike wood, it is smokeless! So no air 

Another recycling idea he has perfected is in the building insulation area. 
Our material used is rice husks ( the outer shell discarded waste product of
rice ). Experimenters have in the past been unable to extract all the dust, 
which of course is too inflamable to use as insulation in buildings.  
However, our Australian inventor has recently discovered the secret. He has 
perfected the method for achieving this! The rice husk insulation for 
buildings is brilliant! It is very effective, fire proof, tested, and long 
lasting, similar to all commercial brands.

And it works out costing only half the price of ordinary insulation
( pink bats etc. ) The machinery is very simple to construct and the 
installation into an average house takes around only 1 hour.

Another bonus is that the rice husks are an excellent sound deadener, 
suitable for placing in walls of all types of buildings etc!

These two recycling ideas are the basis to possible great business ventures.

On the recycled wax log idea we are currently negotiating through a large 
company to form a partnership with investors/ business partners. The wax 
boxes would be diverted from landfill, and we would receive a negotiated 
price per ton to have them dumped instead at our wax logging warehouse. We 
would have two machines working together - the weekly income from the start 
is very attractive. There is even a distributor system worked out for 
getting the firelogs to consumers, the markup relatively small. Our product 
will be far better, and the price less than other brands currently on the 
Cherrie Barclay. 

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