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[GreenYes] Single Stream Recycling
A wolf in sheep skin?
It appears that in the disguise of recycling the obvious is being overlooked.
If a garbage hauler was to propose a long-term contract for "garbage-only" service how much interest by cities, etc would be generated.  Not much according to my contacts.  So now the hauler includes this new-fangled single stream recycling gimmick and everyone is ready for the
deal of the decennium.
Here are a few of the know details that are seldom acknowledged...
    *  Recycling and garbage routes become automated.
        (Drivers loose jobs)
    *  Costs for extras such as couches, mattresses, etc increase.
        (A special truck must be sent for pick-up)
    *  Recycling collection becomes every-other-week.
        (Hauler saves more labor and fuel costs)
    *  Workman's compensation costs DO NOT change for the hauler.
        (Large haulers are self-insured)
    *  Hauler competition is stifled by a long term contract.
        (Initial terms are 10 yrs + renewals)     
    *  Monthly cost to homeowners increase.
        (Automation, carts, etc)
The hauler gets a great deal... competition is eliminated, a new long-term contract including a rate increase, drivers are eliminated, residents will pay more for extras, savings(internal) are realized for self-insurance costs, and recycling collection is only needed half as often.
This sure looks like a great "bait-and-switch" sale to me.  Or is recycling simplification used as a  "puppy dog" sales technique?  The sales sequence seems to be-- a pilot project that ends up as a "deal of the decennium."  
I think the following quote applies to single stream recycling.
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein, Physicist
Regards..... C. William
PS- Thanks to those who responded to my inquiry about landfill host fees.
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"Make every day an Earth Day."

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