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[GreenYes] Virus Hoax
Dear Greenyes,

Apologies for not staying on topic, but I feel I must say something
about this before it rips entirely through our zero waste community.

If you receive an email asking you to look for and delete
a file named jdbgmgr.exe, please know that this is a hoax. 
(This hoax has been circulating around the net for years.)
This file is an important part of the windows operating system,
making it possible for your internet explorer
browser to display java. If you delete it, you may be unable
to repair it if you cannot find your original windows install disks.
Windows no longer supports the repair of this java engine on line.

Check here any time someone sends you an email telling you
you've got a virus:
Info on this particular hoax is available here:

Let's be careful out there!


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