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[GreenYes] Alternative fuels

This came to my website,
Please respond to Elizabeth and the list.
What is the best answer to this question.

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From: Elizabeth H Richmond []
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 9:07 PM


My brother Benny and I are moving to Mexico and I am trying to find
someone who can give me information on surface composting septic's.  Is
it possible with three horses, three large Neapolitan mastiffs, two
humans and all the garden vines and plants to compost the mixture and
produce enough methane to cook and run our truck?  

If so what will we need and where can I purchase it?


Richard Anthony Associates
3891 Kendall Street
San Diego CA 92109
858 272 2905 (P)
858 272 3709 (F)

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