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[GreenYes] Mid Year Results, Thermostat Recycling Corporation
The following is a link to a spreadsheet showing the results through June of
this year of the Thermostat Recycling Corporation's program for the
recycling of mercury thermostats. For the first half of 2002, just over
28,500 thermostats were collected, versus just over 48,200 for all of 2001.

The average mercury thermostat has 4 grams of mercury in it, estimated  to
be enough to pollute an 80 acre lake or 80-100 million gallons of water to
the point where a fish consumption advisory would be issued.
There is no charge for recycling thermostats through the TRC collection
centers; their locations are given on the web page

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, Wisconsin
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