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[GreenYes] Refillable Carbonated Beverage Glass Bottles (How many refills are Sufficient?)
Hi Guys, does any one out there know of any bottler that keeps track of the 
accumulated trippage of particular full bottle lot shipments for purposes of 
quality control and conservation of resources? or Rather does any bottler 
have a policy of withdrawing bottles which are likely to break before 
presenting them to the process for refill?

Literature says that refillables make about 20 trips. So after the 21st 
trip, the likelihood of fracture in-process is high. Has anyone ever 
calculated the savings (in energy, water & effort) bottlers could muster if 
refillables are withdrawn just after the 20th (or whatever the design 
trippage) trip?? Actually in some countries, the glass recycling is deemed 
not feasible just because there isn't enough cullet to feed the plant, while 
they use bottles over and over (scuffed or not) as long as they are not 
obviously damaged or if they do not break in-process! Answers please!!

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