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[GreenYes] about grocery bags...

(is this how I contribute to the discussion???)............. I am Environmental Coordinator for 6 grocery stores. We sell cloth bags, at cost, with our logo on them... and they are made from 100% recycled PET 1! People just love them. They don't shrink like cotton, they're very durable, etc. When folks bring any bag in to reuse, they get 5cents off their bill for each bag. I am now looking into bags that look, act, and feel like plastic grocery bags, but are made from 100% cornstarch (non-GMO)! They can be thrown into your compost pile, after you've used them many many times, as they seem to be more durable that plastic bags, and are great for storing fresh produce because they "breathe" allowing air to get to your greens unlike plastic bags. (We will also sell produce bags made of the same stuff.) I'm told the manufacturing of these bags is more Earth-friendly than that of plastic bags. We will offer these bags as an option. For people who don't compost there is no disposal alternative other than the trash, and they can still recycle their plastic bags. These Bio-bags are used in Europe, but not available anywhere in the states yet...let's keep our fingers crossed... This cornstarch film is also being used on paper cups and plates (instead of plastic lining for waterproofness) so that these disposable products are compostable as well! They even have plastic-like cutlery made of the stuff! McDonalds uses them in 2 countries!! .... Of course, we'd love everyone to use reusable everything, but its great to see compostable options for those that don't...And I'm thinking, those folks who have cloth bags and forget them on occassion can choose these bags and feel better about it than settling for plastic...... Sue

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