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[GreenYes] Fwd: Community Based Social Marketing

>Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 15:26:05 -0700
>From: "Nancy Gray" <>
>Since your work involves trying to get the public to change specific 
>behaviors, I could not resist the opportunity to send this along.  All of 
>this info is free.
>I just reviewed a fascinating resource that provides the latest research 
>on behavior change and specific tools for use in recycling, water, litter 
>or other community programs that aim to get people to do something new and 
>different.  Below is a brief summary by the author as well as a link to 
>the web site.  I highly recommend reading the section, "Fostering 
>Sustainable Behavior - An Introduction to Community Based Social 
>Marketing" -all ten sections.
>The author's summary:
>Most people know that to protect the environment they should recycle more, 
>water their lawn less, get of the car and take a multitude of other steps 
>to reduce their ecological footprint.  But as often as not the actions 
>people take are not consistent with what they know to be true about the 
>state of the environment. In fact, research demonstrates that simply 
>providing information usually has little or no effect on what people 
>do.  But if not brochures, then what? Over the last several years a new 
>approach, community-based social marketing, has emerged as an attractive 
>alternative for delivering programs to change environmental behavior.  The 
>Fostering Sustainable Behavior website was created to help those who 
>design environmental programs (  Briefly, this site 
>includes the following resources:
>- an online guide to using community-based social marketing to fostering 
>sustainable behavior.  This guide provides detailed information on how to 
>design environmental programs to effectively change behavior. This guide 
>will be of particular use to those who design programs to encourage such 
>activities as waste reduction, water and energy efficiency, watershed 
>protection, pollution prevention, alternative transportation choices, etc.;
>- a searchable database of over 1200 academic articles on fostering 
>sustainable behavior;
>- a discussion forum for sharing information and asking questions of others;
>- a searchable database of graphics that have been used to foster 
>sustainable behavior;
>- a searchable database of over 80 case studies, with new cases being 
>added weekly; and
>- a searchable database of downloadable reports.
>Please consider forwarding information about this site to colleagues who 
>might be interested.
>Best, Doug
>Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D.
>Environmental Psychologist

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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