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[GreenYes] Fire in pile !
Does anybody can me help? 
I work with composting since 1995 and I use the method of static piles with forced aeration. 
The sludge and wood chips proportions are calculated for the total mass to be composting it reaches with humidity of 60% and relationship C/N 30/1. 
The fans are connected the timers that call and they turn off in regular intervals of time in way to supply the amount of necessary air for the maintenance of levels of oxygen enough to maintain conditions aerobics. 
One of the piles was with average of very low temperature, for that I interrupted the aeration for 24 hours and then I began again to supply the air inside of the pile (400m3ar/hour/t dry matter).  
After about 20 minutes of aeration the pile caught fire and the aeration tube melted. 
We choked the fire of the surface, we began to disassemble the headboard of the pile and we noticed that all your interior had burned and we didn't find the aeration tube that,  probably, it melted. 
I end that the oxygen inside of the pile provoked the fire, that was favored by the grass bed. 
Can anybody explain scientifically because what happened ? 
I never saw similar in all those years.  

I apologize for my English and I thank if somebody to be able to help me.

Katia G. Beltrame

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