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[GreenYes] Internet Conference on Ecocity Development (Feb-June 2003)
Internet Conference on Ecocity Development
(Feb-June 2003)
The Internet Conference on Ecocity Development is a post-conference activity of the 5th International Ecocity Conference. It provides participants of the 5th Ecocity Conference with a virtual platform for dialogue. It will enable people who were unable to travel to Shenzhen to join the discussion of papers over Internet and also to provide an opportunity for them to present their works. 

All abstracts and papers presented during the 5th Ecocity conference (Shenzhen, Aug 2002) will be available on the web for e-discussion. Other discussion materials for the Internet Conference will include new submission of papers for the same topics covered in the 5th Ecocity conference (see topics in "Symposiums")

   Mailing lists (1)
Announcements and News on the Conference can be viewed at the above web page
emailed to you if you send an email to and use the subscription command :
SUB ET-FREJ yourfirstname yourlastname, country
(2) Mailing lists (to be announced later) will be used as the electronic conference rooms for the discussion of papers and for other conference activities.

Session C  Urban waste management

Joe Baker (Australia) - Australian experiences of municipal solid waste management
Zhang Guangming (China) - Treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste
Douglas, Ian (UK) Recycling municipal solid waste in Manchester
Liu Dong (China) - Analysis of the factors affecting groundwater at the Erfeishan refuse landfill site
Shin, Dong-Ae (Japan) - A research on the waste policy for establishing the recycling-based society and its efficacy– focusing on the incineration projects in Japan
Kawanga, Obed. C.Zambia - Case study on the impact of population growth on sanitary conveyances and sewage treatment facilities in the city of Lusaka, Zambia
Zhuang Yahui - Community supported ecological agriculture
Wong Ming H. Landfill Restoration For Sustainable Waste Management And Land Utilization

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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