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Re: [GreenYes] special collections for PAYT

The City of Long Beach provides 2 free "Personal Clean Sweep" collections per residence per year.  These are individually scheduled special pickups to collect furniture, appliances, tree branches, etc., although we will collect just about anything non-hazardous that is less than 72" x 48" , weighs less than 40 lbs., and takes at most 15 minutes to load onto the truck.  Residents pay a fee for a collection that exceeds the guidelines for time, weight, size, etc.  Once they've used their 2 free pickups, residents can schedule additional pickups for a fee.  

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

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09/04/2002 12:33 PM
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Well I have an interesting question for everyone who is familiar with PAYT programs.  The City of Fayetteville is changing over from bag collection to automated cart collections utilizing 3 different size carts with 3 different rates.  Our Council is convinced that we are somehow not providing good service if we don't allow for a residence to put out more trash a couple of times a year (most likely Christmas and Thanksgiving) and not charge them extra for it.  One council man wants to give out extra bags for that purpose which completely flies in the face of going to the automated cart in the first place.  We have to come up with a plan to allow extra collections besides having residents bring in the trash themselves.  Any ideas?  Has anyone in a PAYT community faced this hurdle also?  Thanks.

Brian Pugh
City of Fayetteville
Solid Waste and Recycling

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