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[GreenYes] Fwd: "Off the Books" Film Examines Environmental and Social Disclosure Rules
 From CERES newsletter July/August 2002:
>"Off The Books" Film Examines Environmental and Social Disclosure Rules
>"Off the Books," a new film by attorney and filmmaker Sanford Lewis 
>examines the SECıs failure to enforce existing laws requiring  disclosure 
>of corporate environmental and human-rights liabilities.
>Under the terms of the SEC's rules, companies are required to discuss and 
>analyze, in their shareholder reports, significant "trends, events and
>uncertainties" that could have a material impact on performance.
>Unfortunately, the SEC seldom enforces disclosure  when it comes to social 
>and environmental issues. In fact, noncompliance is rampant. For instance, 
>the Environmental Protection Agency recently determined that 74% of 
>publicly traded companies donıt comply with the very explicit SEC rule 
>requiring disclosure of environmental proceedings where sanctions could 
>exceed $100,000.
>The film features interviews with leaders in the campaign for full corporate
>disclosure, including Tim Smith of Walden Asset  Management; Mindy Lubber, 
>CERES consultant and founder of Green Century Funds; Michelle Chan-Fishel 
>of Friends of the Earth; and CERES Board member and Social 
>Investment  Forum Vice-President Alisa Gravitz.
>"Off the Books" will be screened in communities across the United
>States in the coming months.  For additional information on the film and 
>the campaign for greater SEC enforcement of disclosure rules, please visit 

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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