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[GreenYes] Voters favor recycling, polluter pays principle
In a national poll of likely voters, it was found that the most popular
environmental activity was to recycle, with 94% likely, and 70% very likely
to do so. 

The poll also found that the majority felt that polluters -- not taxpayers
-- should pay for environmental protection. According to the news release:

		"We also explored what voters believe are the most important
reasons to take action to protect the environment. Interestingly, the
largest percentage of voters believe that making polluters, not taxpayers
pay the cost of environmental cleanup is one of the most important reasons
to be active in protecting the environment (42% one of the most, 87% at
least very important).

	Concern about shifting the burden from polluters to taxpayers
crosses party lines. Eighty-seven percent (87%) of Republicans say that it
is an important reason to take action to protect the environment, and an
equal number of independents (87%) and Democrats (87%) say the same."

The full release can be found at:

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, Wisconsin 

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