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[GreenYes] Corporate reports on sustainability
I thought that others might like to see this news release on the prevalence
of major corporations including statements on sustainability in their annual
reports. The web page link is

John Reindl
Dane County, WI

KPMG Launches International Survey of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Forty-five percent of the Fortune global top 250 companies (GFT250) are now
issuing environmental, social or sustainability reports in addition to their
financial reports, according to a new survey released by KPMG. Globally,
more companies than ever are publishing reports on their environmental,
social and sustainability performance and an increasing number are having
these reports independently verified.
These are some of the findings of a comprehensive survey of corporate
sustainability reports by KPMG's Global Sustainability Services, in
collaboration with the Graduate Business School of the University of
Amsterdam. Through KPMG's International Global Sustainability Network of
over 350 professionals in more than 27 countries, KPMG was able to assess
the state of sustainability reporting among the GFT250 as well as and the
top 100 companies in 19 countries. Similar surveys were held in 1993, 1996
and 1999.
The 2002 survey also reveals that: 
*	Of the GFT250 companies surveyed, 45 percent published a separate
corporate report on their performance, compared to 35 percent in 1999. 
*	Of the top 100 companies in each of the 19 countries surveyed, Japan
has the highest percentage (72 percent) of companies producing corporate
reports, followed by the UK (49 percent), USA (36 percent), Netherlands (35
percent), Finland (32 percent) and Germany (32 percent). 
*	Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are still the most common types
of report, but others are emerging including sustainability and social
For more information or to obtain a hard copy of the survey (cost Euros: 30)
contact KPMG's Global Sustainability Services <>.
For further information on KPMG's Global Sustainability Services click here
< >. In
addition to the International Survey click here
y.pdf> for a copy of the mining focused survey in Acrobat.pdf format.

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