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[GreenYes] Seattle Job
Exciting Job Opportunity for Natural Resource Economist
SENIOR ECONOMIST                                                          Seattle Public Utilities
Salary: $29.15 - $33.88/hour
Unit/Location: Resource Management/Resource Planning / Dexter Horton Building
Primary Duties: Provide forecasting and evaluation services for surface water management, to expand the Resource Planning Division's cutting edge economic and modeling capabilities from the existing solid waste and water lines of business into surface water. Using methods and tools developed for solid waste, electricity and water, this employee will build an economic model of the drainage system with ability to forecast and calculate total costs and benefits under various assumptions about future programs. Perform economic, statistical, and cost benefit analysis on drainage matters in support of drainage planners, finance, rates and other utility and City personnel.
Required Qualifications: Three years of professional experience in economic and financial research and analysis, and a baccalaureate degree in Economics, Finance or other field involving extensive coursework in economic and financial theory and analysis, plus either one year of relevant graduate study or two additional years of experience.
Desired Qualifications: Self-starter with the demonstrated ability to accomplish work tasks independently, but in close coordination with a team. Graduate degree in economics. Experience in building an economic model of a system. Specific training as an economist in electricity, drinking water, solid waste, surface water or other utility area. Proficient in working with complex sets of data and a high comfort level with database, spreadsheet and statistical analysis software applications.
How to Apply: Send a cover letter and resume Frank Emerson, City of Seattle Personnel, Suite 1215 Dexter Horton Bldg., Seattle, WA  98104-1793.  Refer to Job #31-02. Cover letters and resumes for all positions may also be sent by fax to:
(206) 386-9083 or by E-mail as text, Word 6, or Word 97 document to:  Note: Filing for this position closes on June 11, 2002.

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