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[GreenYes] Is Recycling a Waste? CNN tonight.
Hello All -

Not sure what the rest of you thought, but that report wasn't exactly a slam
to recycling - other than the intros "is recycling a waste", "recycling
could be a waste".  The sound bites made it sound as if it was going to be a
hatchet job on recycling, but it really wasn't. It actually seemed to me
like it was promoting recycling.  Some of my favorite recyclers were
interviewed including Peter Anderson and Kate Krebs.  Ms. Whitman even
talked about how important recycling is to the economy.

They had good statistics that show how much Americans waste and how that has
increased despite the fact that we recycle 1/3 of our trash. The only thing
they mentioned that was negative was the program in New York might stop
collecting certain commodities (which is of course what all that "garbage"
really is - but you can't get a reporter to say that apparently).

Anyway, I say WHEW we made it out with very little harm done - unless
someone else saw/heard something I didn't. After all it was only a 3-5
minute spot.


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