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[GreenYes] A little more list housekeeping
Greetings once again GreenYes listers,

I would like to remind everyone that while
cross-posting to various other similar email lists is
not prohibited, cross-posting to newsgroups
_is_ prohibited.

A newsgroup is like a public email bulletin
or a free topic-specific newspaper
where anybody can post,
rather than a private topic-specific
email list with approved members.
If you don't know what a newsgroup is,
or don't use them, don't worry about it. 
It probably doesn't affect you.

If you like to crosspost to newsgroups
and/or have been doing so, please read this
for information on how to post safely and
_separately_ to newsgroups:



To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

Subscription information for
this list is available here:

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