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[GreenYes] baby diapers...what solution ??
If you have any thoughts on this, please respond directly to Paul Tobiason
[] with the Recycling Assoc. of Guam. Thank you!

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From: Paul Tobiason
Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 8:41 PM
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Subject: [Gaia-members] baby diapers...what solution ??

Disposable baby diapers are a real headache.
They seem indestructible and defy natural

Many people (including environmentalists !) buy
these then worry over how to properly dispose
of them.

The "Pampers" manufacturer told me the absorbant
gel material was bio-degradable. It doesn't seem to
decompose very well.

Cloth diapers are a good choice but are hard to
find. And, most people want the disposables as
they are "easy". But, should we really be sending these
to the landfill or incinerator ?

I have disposed of the gel down the toilet but was
careful not to allow any plastic parts to be flushed.
Is there any biodegradable paper liner that can be
used ?

What do they do in New Zealand where they have
the "ZERO-WASTE" concept as law ????

Regards, Paul Tobiason,
member: Recycling Assoc. of Guam

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