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Re: [GreenYes] Cell Phones
And you can read and/or download the report "Waste in a Wireless World: The
Challenge of Cell Phones" from:

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"If you're not in favour of Zero Waste, how much waste are you in favour

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> Within three years, Americans will discard about 130 million
> cellular telephones a year, and that means 65,000 tons of
> trash, including toxic metals and other health hazards,
> according to a study by the environmental research
> organization Inform.  The study by Inform said that on
> average a cellular telephone is kept only 18 months and in
> many cases discarded with the household garbage. By 2005,
> there will be at least 200 million cell phones in use across
> the country and another 500 million older phones may be
> stockpiled, waiting to be thrown away, the report estimates.
> Cell phones, along with other "wireless waste" from
> increasingly popular pagers, pocket PCs and music players,
> pose special problems at landfills or when they're burned in
> municipal waste incinerators because they have toxic
> chemicals in batteries and other components, said the
> report.

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