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Re: [GreenYes] Greening of Hospitality Industry
We too just came back from New Orleans. From the people I spoke with, there
is little recycling in the French Quarter, where most of the drinking takes
place. We were at Jazz Fest one day and they do recycle there at the
Fairgrounds. There were no recycling bins, but they did have people going
through all the trash cans and sorting out the recyclables. From what I
could tell, at least 3/4 of the stuff in the trash cans were recyclables.
Our hotel did offer us the choice of not having fresh sheets put on the bed
each day. They said that it is for environmental reasons, but as the hotel
offered no recycling bins at all, I think this has more to do with $$$ than
with being environmentally friendly.


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> My husband and I just spent a week in New Orleans, where we had a fabulous
> time, but as a true enviro-geek, I was unhappy with the complete lack of
> recycling in our hotel or any references to green laundry services, etc.
> Housekeeping did a complete change of linens every time we let them in (we
> sleep really late after jazz fest!) but they did start asking us what we
> needed after a few days.  Of course, they were pretty inconsistent, too -
> one day we got 4 towels and nothing else, one day I asked for hand towels
> but didn't get a bathmat....
> The amount of beer and liquor consumed in N.O. is phenomenal and with
> open container laws almost all drinks are served in plastic cups so you
> wander around the streets.  I didn't see any signs of recycling in any
> hotel, restaurant, or public area, although a bartender told me there was
> curbside program throughout the city.
> Is there anyone on the listserv from N.O. who can reassure me that some
> recycling etc. is being done behind the scenes?  Tourism is the biggest
> industry, I'm sure, and must have a huge impact on the environment in the
> city and surroundings.
> Terri

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