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[GreenYes] Support request: Czech, Latin American officials to learn about waste technologies in US
Dear GRRN list:

Here is an email newsletter from a US government agency which promotes
exports of US goods. This week, it appears that they are working on the
waste industry, as they are helping Czech officials buy waste-to-energy
incinerators, and officials from various Latin American countries look into
unspecified waste technologies. It would be fabulous if some Zero Waste or
anti-incineration advocates in Boston, Houston and/or Las Vegas could try to
meet these foreign officials, both to debunk incineration and to talk to
them about alternatives. Is anyone interested in doing this?

Monica Wilson,
Multinationals Resource Center,
GAIA: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives/ Global Anti-Incinerator
1402 McGee Ave., Berkeley, CA 94703 USA
510-524-4000 ext. 104

***** EXCERPT FROM USTDA E-mail Update *****
Welcome to the U.S. Trade and Development Agency's Biweekly Update.

We appreciate your interest in the agency.  Working together, we can
continue to accomplish our mission of creating U.S. job opportunities
through exports.

The April 19th edition of the TDA Pipeline is
available now at:
Orientation Visits

Czech Republic Environmental OV
Date: May 4-10, 2002
Seven Czech Republic environmental officials will examine
U.S. technologies and products for remediation, waste-to-energy
disposal and rehabilitation projects. During the visit the delegates will
attend the EnviroExpo in Boston, MA.
A business briefing will be held in May 8, 2002 in Boston. For
more information call Ranjan Ravaliga at (617) 923-4945, or

Latin America Regional Waste Management and Recycling Officials OV
Date: May 19-25, 2002
A delegation of 21 representatives of the solid waste and recycling
industries from Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador and
Panama will visit the United States to present their upcoming waste-related
projects in their country to a U.S. business audience in Houston. The
delegates will also attend the annual Waste Expo Trade event in Las Vegas,

For more information call Melanie J. Majors at (505) 822-1968, or email

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