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[GreenYes] America Recycles Day - cans and bottles
If anyone wants to organize a can and bottle drive as an America Recycles Day activity, go for it!  As Chairman of America Recycles Day I am disturbed by the insinuation that money is the reason that there is no mention on Google of can and bottle drives for ARD.  ARD is basically a grass roots phenomenon, with a small national organization trying to support individuals and local organizations who promote recycling and buying recycled in their communities around America Recycles Day , November 15th.  

If there have been no can and bottle drives as part of ARD, it is because no one at the local level has chosen to do so.  But I actually think the opposite is true.  I believe South Carolina organized a can drive this year and then laid the cans out in a large field in the form of an American flag.  I am not sure, but  there may have been a can drive in San Diego --- the news clip I saw showed a lot of baled cans.  

One of our big challenges at ARD is finding out what people are doing at all their events --- a minor problem if there are thousands of events taking place throughout the country.  One of the beauties of America Recycles Day is that local communities are free to plan events which address their local recycling needs.  One community may focus on mixed paper while another may run a buy recycled campaign --- all I say is the more the merrier.

Normally I would suggest you check out the ARD website, but it is getting a little old and doesn't reflect the direction we will take in the future.  I hope the website will be brought up to date within the next couple of months.  In the meantime, I would encourage anyone thinking of running recycling events or recycling education programs this year, to plan them around America Recycles Day.  The more people we have participating in recycling promotion and education activities in early to mid November, the better we can counter the anti-recyclers who always seem to get the press attention. 

Pablo Collins
America Recycles Day 

Date:	Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:45:50 -0700
From:	Helen Spiegelman <>
Subject:	Re: [GreenYes] 

Hi Rick:
I asked: << Has anyone out there ever organized a BOTTLE & CAN DRIVE as an ARD
>event?   Or know anyone who has?   >>

You replied: We did in San Bernardino County to raise money for 2nd chance 
day which is
>around the same time.  Why?

I was interested to note that the powerful search engine GOOGLE did not 
come up with a single hit when I searched America-Recycles-Day 
bottle-drive.  This suggests that nowhere in all the internet-published 
material about ARD has there ever been mention of a bottle-drive event on 
ARD. I can only wonder why such a great community fund-raiser which 
provides educational as well as community benefits has never been part of 
America Recycles Day. Could it be .... who pays the piper?

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