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[GreenYes] RE: compressed air

On 17 Apr 2002 at 9:51, Muna wrote:> 
>great - what alternative did you have in mind? Compressed fluid conjures up
all kinds 
>of possibilities, I am sure, but would agree that water would work? where
would it go 
>once we have transferred the energy to the car etc?
>The main reason I asked, was after thinking about this, and also
considering water, it 
>concerend me that maybe the water would just go to waste; and as we in SA
>about half the average planetary rainfall, these other issues would become

Once again, I didn't understand the engine design.  I thought you were
referring to storing air as one would store say hydraulic fluid -
compressing air can present a very dangerous scenario from a technical

>again, the issue of perverse subsidies and investments....

You're talking above me on that one.
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