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[GreenYes] job opening-- WasteCap of Massachusetts
WasteCap of Massachusetts- Position Description

Title:				Executive Director

Supervision received:	Reports directly to the WasteCap Board of Directors

Direct Reporting Staff:	Direct supervision over approximately 3-6 Project
or 				Program Managers, 1-3 Program Interns and the office.

General Statement of Duties:

The Executive Director manages the day to day operations of WasteCap,
provides leadership and support to WasteCap staff, develops and implements
a Strategic Plan, interacts with the Board of Directors, works with related
organizations, and ensures the delivery of WasteCap services.

Typical Duties:

Strategic Planning
 Capability to determine the direction of where WasteCap is going over the
next few years and development of a plan to get there.  Evidence of
excellent strategic analytical ability.  Identification of the driving
forces in the field of solid and hazardous waste by review of competition,
demographics, etc.
 Develop a strategic vision for the organization.  Draw conclusions
regarding what WasteCap must do as a result of the major issues and
opportunities facing the organization and the field.  
 Action Planning - Carefully lay out the strategic goals that will be
accomplished over the next year, including workplan, fundraising, programs
and services.  Develop specific objectives and identify expected specific
results.  Evaluate results.
 Communicate those goals and objectives to the organization's constituents.

 Research and write grants to government agencies and private foundations.
 Conducts fundraising to increase corporate sponsorships, works with the
Fundraising Committee to develop and track fundraising initiatives,
coordinates mailings to prior and prospective donors, tracks donations, and
encourages Board members to become involved in fundraising.
 Maintain and seeks positive relationships with present and potential
 Evaluates and fine tunes programs to increase revenue.

 Provides technical, mentoring, and leadership support to staff in the
management of various programs including Web Site Development and
Maintenance, Race to Recycle, Surplus Inventory Donation Program, Site
Visits, Technical Assistance, Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative,
Website, Newsletter, Open Houses, Recycling Services Directory, Recycled
Product, Purchasing Cooperative, WasteCap web site, newsletter, and
recycling cooperative development.  Initiatives, Recycled Paper Purchasing
Cooperative and Buy Recycled Business Alliance.
 Manages programs
 Hires and supervises staff, contractors, and interns.
 Develops/reviews and oversees WasteCap personnel policies:  vacation/sick
time, work schedules position descriptions, staff review process,
discrimination issues, and worker's compensation.
 Manages the WasteCap daily operations.  Ensures a clean and professional
appearance of organization for clients and staff.  
 Organizes and coordinates WasteCap's annual, quarterly Board of
Directors, and Advisory Committee meetings.
 Maintains a current technical understanding of the local, state, and
Federal waste management industry and related regulations.
 Participates in state's solid waste management planning activities.
 Oversees the development and implementation of the WasteCap Strategic
Plan in cooperation with the Board of Directors and the WasteCap staff.
 Develops new programs in concert with the Board and the Strategic Plan.
 Maintains a close working relationship with the MA Department of
Environmental Protection, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the MA
Executive Office of Environmental Affairs to develop new programs, provide
regular reports, and invoice for services rendered.
 Maintains open communication with and among staff:  includes staff in
development of strategic plan, budget, and design of programs.

 In partnership with the Treasurer, develops and manages the budget and
provides regular reports to the Board.  Coordinates with staff to develop
and monitor specific program budgets.
 Oversees finances, bookkeeping, and the preparation of annual tax returns
and financial audits.
 Monitors and approves staff payroll.

 Develops and maintains partnerships with external organizations including
various Chambers of Commerce, business and trade organizations, the Chelsea
Center for Recycling and Economic Development, the Institutional Recycling
Network, Northeast Recycling Council, National Recycling Coalition, Mass
Recycle, and the Center for Ecological Technology.
 Develops outreach and public education materials to market WasteCap
services and increase public and private support.
 Makes presentations on WasteCap's services and programs, as well as
educational presentations on waste reduction, recycling, and buy recycled.
 Represents WasteCap at speaking engagements, trade shows, workshops, and
site visits.


 A Master's Degree in Business Administration, Environmental Management,
Public Administration, or related field.  Three years related professional
experience may be substituted for Master's Degree.
 Five + years of proven leadership experience managing staff, coordinating
programs, developing and managing budgets and finances, guiding
multidisciplinary project teams, working with diverse clients, and
motivating staff to accomplish strategic goals.
 Knowledge of a wide variety of waste management issues and environmental
regulations in areas including waste disposal, recycling, green
procurement, universal waste, and waste reduction.
 Self-motivated, organized, work independently or in a team, manage
multiple priorities and projects.
 Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
 Demonstrated fundraising and marketing skills and experience.
 Proven oral and written communication skills.  Public speaking experience.
 Computer literate and experience working with Microsoft Office software
and network systems.
 Evidence of excellent strategic analytical ability.

Salary Range:  $60 to 75K.

Submit resume, cover letter and salary requirements by April 30, 2002 to:

376 Boylston Street
Suite 303
Boston, MA  02116
Attn:  Acting Exec. Director

Amy Perlmutter
Executive Director
Chelsea Center for Recycling and
Economic Development
University of Massachusetts
80 Everett Ave, Suite 221 
Chelsea, MA 02150
617-887-2300/fax 617-887-0399
visit our web site at
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