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RE: [GreenYes] Landfill Tipping Fees
Remember, EPA does NOT include C&D in their MSW rates...

Gary Liss

At 11:15 AM 04/10/02 -0600, Eric Lombardi wrote:

Hi all,


We don t have very good data collection in Colorado, but every time someone tries to figure the wasting rates along the Front Range (where everyone lives) the per capita rates are always up much higher than the EPA 4.4 lb rate & how confident are we with the EPA rate?




Eric Lombardi

Executive Director

EcoCycle, Inc

Boulder, CO



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I can't give any clues to what is happening in VA, but it is good to know, or at least suspect that New Mexico is not the only state posting numbers over 8 pounds per person per day.
Justin Stockdale

Helen Spiegelman wrote:

 At 11:27 AM 04/10/2002 -0400, Terri quoted:
21,796,507 tons of solid waste
were received at Virginia's permitted solid waste management facilities
during calendar year 2000.  Of this total, 17,324,961 tons originated in the

VA's population in 2000 was 7,078,515, working out to a waste generation rate of 2.45 tons per capita, or 13.4 pounds per day. According to the report 2/3 of this was MSW, amounting to 8.85 pounds per day. Compare this to the national average percapita generation of municipal solid waste in 1997 reported by EPA (Characterization update) of 4.44 pounds per person per day. Please check my numbers. If they're right, does anyone have any ideas about this?


Gary Liss
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