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[GreenYes] Quick follow-up question on commercial recycling
Many thanks for the great responses I've gotten to my earlier posting
asking about metro areas with commercial recycling mandates or other
conditions that would facilitate recycling in retail malls.  Several
people have shared information and leads with me that have been
incredibly useful.  

As a quick refinement of my earlier broad question, I'd welcome
suggestions for metro areas where high tipping fees and other waste
disposal costs (such as taxes) make the economics of recycling
particularly favorable.  (Some suggestions I've received so far include
Boston, Miami, San Jose and Newark, California, Minneapolis and other
parts of Minnesota, and Washington State.)  Any additional suggestions
for other metro areas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Steve Lippman
Interim Director, Business for Social Responsibility
(415) 537-0890, ext. 109
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