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[GreenYes] Re: [Greenyes Digest] V2 #257 Post Office Recycling
In Orange Co. NC, we have a very simple program w/ the main PO in our service area, we set a dumpster out for mixed paper (our cost) and pick it up at our cost) the PO workers load the undeliverable mail in there and they've also placed a bin in the lobby where all the PO Box users get their mail so they can discard unwanted mail right from their PO Box. PO workers then empty that bin into the mixed paper dumpster.
Then our crew picks up the mixed paper dumpster twice a week at no charge to the PO as part of its regular mixed paper route at recycling dropoff sites.  Because the Town charges $700/year for commercial waste pickups after the first one per week, this program saves the PO some money. 

Roger M. Guttentag
  ----- Original Message -----=20
  From: Duncan Wilson=20

  Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 10:28 PM
  Subject: [GreenYes] Courier and Postal service recycling

  Hi there

  Does any one know of any work done by postal or courier services to =
reduce and recycle waste?  If so could you send us through any links or =
contacts that might be helpful?


  Duncan Wilson

  Waste Not
  PO Box 33 1410

  ph 09 486 3635
  fax 09 486 5764

Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Programs Manager
(919) 968-2788
fax: (919) 932-2900
PO Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177

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