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With regard to the reemergence of incineration in NYC and around the
world. . .  As a veteran of the major anti-incineration wars of the 70s,
80s, and early 90s, I cannot stress enough the importance of economic
analysis. The comparison of a system with incineration vs. a
comprehensive reduction, recycling, composting system will shake the
faith of any businessman or woman in incineration. This was the primary
technique for changing city councils and mayors in years past. Citizens
raised the alarm of environmental and public health risk while analysts
produced economic comparisons. The story of Austin is a classic. The
city spent $23 million on an incinerator, yet the city council killed the
deal when the economists pointed out that the city would save over $100
million with recycling, composting, and a landfill.

We are in the process of finishing a report on the economic pitfalls of
MSW incineration in the global south for GAIA (the Global
Anti-Incineration Alliance or the Global Alliance for
Incineration Alternatives,  In addition, ILSR
has prepared non-incineration solid waste management scenarios and/or
plans for San Juan, Manila, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. ILSR is available to
share the documents with you and explain the methodology for others to
use or adopt to
their needs.

Dan Knapp and Mary Lou Vander Venter, Tanya Levy, Rick Anthony, Jeff
Morris and Peter Anderson are
just a few of the other veterans who can help design and implement
anti-incineration systems.

Contact: Neil Seldman or Brenda Platt at (202) 232-4108, and/or,

Neil Seldman

Institute for Local Self-Reliance
2425 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 232-4108
(202) 332-0463 [fax]
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