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[GreenYes] Columbia's Deposit Ordinance Repealed
From:  Pat Franklin
To:    Green Yes and Recycleworlds
RE:    Columbia's Deposit Ordinance Repealed

An ugly combination of money, false claims, distortions of
fact and outright lies convinced voters in Columbia, Missouri
to vote YES on Prop 1 yesterday. Thus, the nation’s only
local container deposit ordinance was repealed.

Voters were told that YES Vote on Prop 1 was a vote FOR
recycling.  It was of course, instead, a vote AGAINST
recycling and conservation of resources and a vote for
litter and waste.

The “YES for Recycling Committee”, funded by Coke, the National
Soft Drink Association, Anheuser-Busch, HY VEE, Krogers,
Schnucks and other beverage and grocery interests spent an
estimated $100,000 at the minimum to defeat repeal.  There
message to Columbians was simple and false: You don’t need the
outdated deposit ordinance now that you have the Blue Bag
curbside recycling program.

We mourn with Columbians Against Throwaways (CAT) the loss of
their 25-year old local bottle bill.  CAT put up a valiant
battle to save their ordinance. But, in the end it is difficult,
in this case impossible, to fight a battle where your opposition
has unlimited financial resources and no compunction whatsoever
about lying.  A small band of activists and a small non-profit
organization were no match for the monied interests of the
beverage and grocery industries.

Congratulations to CAT for waging a good and honorable
campaign.  You fought hard, you played clean and you lost.
Columbia and its residents are the real losers.

It is early in the morning. Look for more later.

Patricia Franklin
Executive Director
Container Recycling Institute
1911 N. Fort Myer Drive, Ste. 702
Arlington, VA 22209

TEL:   703.276.9800
FAX:   703.276.9587

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