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[GreenYes] Reply: Plastic Recycling Is aWork in Progress
  << Beverage companies..... retrieval programs. >>

  Very observant Wayne, I read that statement and stopped for a moment

  Based on past experience, the bottlers are hiring the lobbyists to push
for plastics to be included in as many as possible (the ones they fool)
curbside recycling programs.  Also we must not forget the "very
effective" drop-off locations that only exist until the plastics momentum
convinces everyone to
  add plastics to curbside programs.  Does the name NAPCOR ring any

  Bottle Bills are the only way to go.
  Bottle Bill states have demonstrated a proven track record of success.

  To borrow from Nike "Bottle Bills... just do it now."

  The environment should not be forced to accept anything less.

  Happy Fool's Day... C. William

     #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #
  "Every day should be an Earth Day."

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