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RE: [GreenYes] Best Management Practices for Construction Sites
Greetings Mr. Riley:

The somewhat recently formed Construction and Demolition Council, a.k.a. CDC
(a Technical Council of the California Resource Recovery Association), has a
variety of C&D and Green Building links on its links page.  Some have
already been mentioned by other responders, some are right in your backyard.
You can access it via CRRA's website at  Click on
"Technical Councils" ~ "CDC" ~ "Links".  Good luck! 


City of San Josť
777 North First Street, Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 277-3846

Subject: [GreenYes] Best Management Practices for Construction Sites

Greetings!  I am looking for some resources on best management practices for
recycling at new construction sites.  Web sites or documents you can e-mail
would be appreciated.

Two local developers here in Bend, OR, are beginning the first phase of a
multi-year, 1400 unit development.  Phase one includes 24 individual
builders building 60 single family homes during our upcoming construction
season (~ April through October). WE are working with them to maximize
recycling on-site.



Mike Riley, Executive Director
Conservation for Central Oregon (dba The Recycling Team)
707 NW Hill Street
Bend, OR  97701
PH: 541-388-3638
FAX: 541-383-0704
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