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Re: [GreenYes] Curbside Collection of Glass
Jeff, I've been puzzling over this and wondering if you could clarify 
Is the $18 - $68 savings based a hypothetical "100% recycled content" glass 
container? Or does the *range* reflect different percentages of cullet in 
the batch?

(I would look this up, but you'd save me time if you know it!)


At 12:16 PM 03/13/2002 -0800, Jeff Morris wrote:
>(3) Based on just the 27 pollutants covered by EPA's
>Decision Support Tool for Municipal Solid Waste
>Management, and on the range of cost estimates for
>those pollutants that have been developed and
>reported in the literature, the upstream benefits of
>using recycled glass instead of virgin materials
>(e.g., glass sand) to manufacture new glass
>containers is in the range $18 to $68 per ton.

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